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Another story on how federal regulations screw small business


News Flash…we don’t live in a free market. 

Read the whole article. 

I don’t like getting pushed around by anybody: the government, corporations, or fat people on buses. Probably you feel the same way. It’s understandable then, that when a large corporation does something exquisitely evil or recklessly stupid, you may feel inclined to try and regulate the problem away with the help of the federal government. Assuming, of course, that Congress itself is neither evil nor recklessly stupid, which is a fascinating political position for you to take.

Generally if you invite the government to regulate big industry you also invite big industry to pour lobbyists into Congress. Between the two they concoct a bill which makes things even better for the corporation you hate than it was before Congress started meddling.

To illustrate how federal regulation oftentimes screws over small businesses let us explore a story together. The story of three cupcake bakeries and their owners in the friendly town of Morningwood, Oklahoma:

(Source: moralanarchism)

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