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What Recession? We've Been in a Depression

— Posted Friday, 23 September 2011

By Jeff Berwick, The Dollar Vigilante

Times like these are why we are dollar vigilantes.  Talk is incessant about a possible collapse of the European Union - something which we consider to be a certainty.  They can let it collapse now or paper it over again and see if they can keep that dead man walking a little longer.

Meanwhile, in the US, the talking heads in mass media look dazed and bewildered that, perhaps, the US is entering “back into recession”.  Almost all of them have been brainwashed at the Keynesian alter and actually think the US economy has been “growing”.  The truth of the matter is that the US has been in a depression since 2000.  It’s an highly inflationary depression, however, and it has managed to fool the great majority.  They still listen to government statistics that are fallacious, such as the GDP (see The GDP is a Fallacy).  But if they just opened their eyes and could see through the fog of decades of brainwashing and propaganda, they’d see that the true US unemployment rate is probably closer to 23%, over 45 million people are in today’s version of soup lines (now called food stamps) and the US stock markets, in real terms (gold), are down 90% from their highs in 2000.

The scary part, for everyone, is that this depression is just getting started and the more they try to “stimulate” the economy, the worse it will get.

The great bearded one, the one who centrally plans the US economy, Ben Bernanke, added one word into his speech (the word “significant”) when talking about downside risks and the lemmings all rushed off the edge of the cliff.  It’s confusing as to why they would listen to anything Bernanke says.  Besides the fact that he is the leader of a criminal money counterfeiting cartel he also has been almost shockingly wrong on every prediction or forecast he has ever made.

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Can we Trust Government Statistics on the Economy?

What are we to believe? The stock market bulls on Wall Street argue that one shouldn’t pay attention to what consumers say, but rather, put your faith in the credibility and honesty of government statistics. However, the figures conjured-up by US-government apparatchiks on consumer spending, which accounts for 70% of US GDP, are completely at odds with the results of private surveys, that are not under Big Brother’s control. The government’s report on July’s consumer spending is far beyond the stretch of the imagination, and appears to be solely designed to jig the market higher. Thus, trying to profit in the stock market is a game of seeing correctly through deceit and deception, and “smoke and mirrors.”

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Smoke and mirrors and government lies

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