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All economists—monetarists, Keynesians, whatever—recognize that there is such a thing as market failure. … I do not believe that I have more faith in the equilibrating tendencies of market forces than most Keynesians, but I have far less faith in the ability of government to offset market failure without making matters worse.

Milton Friedman, Modern Macroeconomics: Its Origins, Development and Current State (2005)

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The Single Tax: Economic and Moral Implications

Mises Daily: Tuesday, December 06, 2011 by 

According to the single-tax theory, individuals have the natural right to own themselves and the property they create. Hence they have the right to own the capital and consumer goods they produce. Land, however (meaning all original gifts of nature), is a different matter, they say. Land is God-given. Being God-given, none can justly belong to any individual; all land properly belongs to society as a whole.

Single taxers do not deny that land is improved by man; forests are cleared, soil is tilled, houses and factories are built. But they would separate the economic value of the improvements from the basic, or “site,” value of the original land. The former would continue to be owned by private owners; the latter would accrue to “society” — that is, to society’s representative, the government. Rather than nationalize land outright, the single taxers would levy a 100 percent tax on the annual land rent — the annual income from the site — which amounts to the same thing as outright nationalization.

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Trapped in Amerika


By Jeff Berwick, The Dollar Vigilante Posted Thursday, 27 October 2011

Slowly, as Americans are waking up to the fasco-communist police state that surrounds them and realize that the economy in the US will never recover until after the US dollar hyperinflates into worthlessness, we receive more and more emails with sad stories and desperate cries for help.

The stories are often truly sad and usually entail abuse by the police or the state or being wiped out by the corrupt educational system or medical system which are fascist systems now designed to indebt and take as much wealth from Americans as possible.

There is nothing we can do to change the past, obviously.  Where we can help, however, is in the here and now.

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.  .  .  99% of people have no idea what is going on and will be shocked when many of the things they were told to believe, such as the US being the freest and richest country on earth, turns out to be false.  By being aware of what is going on politically and economically in the world today you are ahead of the game.  As things begin to collapse you will see and know what is happening ahead of most people thereby enabling yourself to position yourself ahead of the crowds.

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Thomas Jefferson once stated, “A government big enough to give you everything you need, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have.”

After decades of the government “giving” many Americans everything they need through welfare and socialist wealth transfer schemes, the US is coming out on the other end where the government and the Federal Reserve have now destroyed the US economy to the point of ruin and they will soon go after everything you have to keep itself alive.

For those who have already been financially destroyed by the system, hang in there and follow some of the advice above.  For those who have been lucky enough to keep your assets in tact to this point, move now to protect them from the prying claws of government as it strains to drag you down with it.

Click here to read entire article for specific suggestions on how to save yourself and your loved ones from the coming economic and political apocalypse.

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How the price system works in a free market economy: Part 1 of 2

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Why are prices important? Prof. Daniel J. Smith of Troy University describes the role that prices play in generating, gathering, and transmitting information throughout the economy. Information about the supply and demand of different goods are dispersed among different buyers and sellers in an economy. Nobody has to know all this dispersed information; individuals only need to know the relative prices. Based on the simple information contained in a price, people adjust their behavior to account for conditions in supply and demand, even if they are unaware of that information.

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The Discipline of Government

Many economists believe the boom and bust effects of the business cycle can be largely smoothed over by government increasing or decreasing the money supply.

If this is true, the question we have to be asking ourselves is:

Q: How did we get into this predicament in the first place?

A: Our political masters have been printing our way to prosperity.

“Government intervention begets government controls and regulations.  When you replace the automatic workings of the gold standard with a government controlled fiat standard, you must regulate and control things like money supply and financial leverage, since the discipline of the market has been replaced with the discipline of the government.” Paul Nathan,

All we need to know about politicians is 1. It isn’t their money and 2. Nothing is more important to them then getting reelected. Asking for fiscal discipline from them is akin to asking John Dillinger to guard Fort Knox. In regards to Dillinger, Congress and Ben Bernanke’s actions we know what’s going to happen – Dillinger would rob Ft. Knox and both Congress and the Federal Reserve are going to create, give away and spend money in unbelievable amounts to keep the system afloat.

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