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Ron Paul has consistently held to his message about the creation of money for decades. A vote for Ron Paul in 2012 is a vote for sanity and a stable economy.

Ron Paul on Fiat Money: 1970s Video

Gary North

Sept. 14, 2011

This ancient video has good audio. Here, Ron Paul correctly frames the debate over fiat money. It is a moral issue: theft. It is a political issue: power. It is a free market issue: a violation of competition, i.e., a government-granted monopoly. Fiat money is anti-free market.

By framing the issue correctly, he never lost sight of the enemy institution: the central bank. This is why he refuses to give Bernanke any slack.

By sticking to his knitting for 35 years, he has become the most formidable political opponent of central banking in American history — and probably world history. He never stopped hammering on the central bank. He finally gained an audience in 2007, 30 years or more after this video was shot.

His ability to expand that audience today makes him a major threat to the Federal Reserve. He will continue to get out this message after 2012. But he will do so from outside of Congress.

He is wise to leave. A politician can do only so much. He has been inside the Congress continually for over 20 years. He had earlier successful runs. There comes a time to transfer the torch. He has used his office to educate the public. He can do this from the private sector now.

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No Limits to Federal Power?

This short video says it all. This is precisely what is wrong with big government in general and with our big government specifically. Listen carefully to the woman questioning the Congressman at the Town Meeting and see if you don’t agree with me here. The questioner should be the Congresswoman and the Congressman should be tossed out on his big fat ass along with so many other of our legislators in office. This gives me hope that the sheeple are beginning to wake up. Three big hurrahs for the lady who should be in Washington.

Just watch it.

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Tremendously important material discussed herein. Every American ought listen to these thoughts on government and the economy voiced by Ron Paul. It has been a long, long time since this nation has seen a leader of his caliber. Please consider re-blogging this as the Establishment media seems to have no intention of bringing Ron Paul’s message to the people. If they hear they will likely agree and follow. There is still time to save this country. Let’s take back the power the people used to have before it was usurped by the federal government.


Ron Paul today at the South Carolina Palmetto Freedom Forum, speaking more in depth on his platform of government nonintervention, free markets, states’ rights, and natural law.

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Full Speech: Ron Paul Town Hall Meeting at New England College, NH 9/1/2011

Ron Paul knows more about sound economic principles than all the academic economists in Washington put together. Our choice now is between electing Congressman Paul as our President in 2012 or all going down with the sinking ship already listing severely to starboard. Spending an hour with Congressman Paul now to find out what he really stands for might save you from pain for the rest of your life.

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