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We Just Had A “Rerun” Of Bear Stearns: When Is Lehman Coming?

by Tyler Durden on 12/07/2011

As the attached chart showing USD liquidity swap line usage by the ECB, or more specifically by European banks, we have now seen a surge to levels last seen in August 2009. However, more importantly this is where the usage was for the first time after the failure of Bear Stearns, and when everyone thought all had been fixed… until Lehman came. We are there now, in other words, we have just experienced a behind the scenes Bear-type event. What is disturbing is just how fast the rate of change was this time around compared to before, when it took months to get to $50 billion. Now, it was one week. When “Lehman v2.0” hits and it will hit, the next step function in the Fed’s global bailout will be so big and so fast, it will induce vertigo.

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Need to Know: The true cost of the bank bailout

The Federal Reserve thinks it can do anything it wants with taxpayer money. And it will continue to think so until we, the taxpayers, do something about it. A good start would be backing Ron Paul in his bid for the Presidency. Ron Paul has been battling the Fed relentlessly for over 3 decades.

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Physical silver currently hard to come by

By: Peter Cooper, Arabian Money                                                               Posted 6 October, 2011

.  .  .  what would normally happen when a commodity is in short supply is that the price would go up to encourage sellers to put some more into the market. That is presently not happening because the silver price is being artificially suppressed in the Comex futures market by the bullion banks acting on instructions from the Fed presumably, so why would you sell that silver cheaply if you happened to own some?

But something has to give and it is the price of physical silver rather than the Comex price of the shiniest of metals. If you can find any silver these days you will pay quite a substantial premium over the spot price. But pay it because that is probably still a bargain compared to where silver prices are going.

The truth is that silver is a rare metal, more rare than gold. Silver reserves have been estimatated at one-hundredth of gold reserves. Silver is after all consumed by industrial processes and reserves have dwindled over the years because the price has been kept so low for so long by market manipulation. Why is that?

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*Culver Pictures
The sea of humanity is the crowd at a Liberty Bond rally at Wall and Broad Streets in New York City.

 By: Jim Willie CB,                                            Posted Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The USTreasury Bond rally over the last few months has been celebrated. Some call it a contradiction of the Standard & Poors debt downgrade of USGovt debt. Some hail the rally as proof that the USDollar remains respected as global reserve currency. Some regard it as a sign of bond market health in general. Some claim theUS remains the safe haven. These are all errant views to the extreme, comments from cheer leaders to a system in deep deterioration, distractions from reality. The United States is stuck in a powerful recession, its huge federal deficits set to expand further, the fiscal austerity to be sacrificed, the turmoil in Europe rendering the US panorama more alluring and cute. The USTBond is in strong rally mode because the United States is in the process of systemic failure, leading ultimately to some form of official debt default. The Greek Govt Bond yield rises from its fractured insolvent ruined status. The USTreasury Bond yield falls from its fractured insolvent ruined status also. It is a Black Hole, attracting funds from productive chambers of the USEconomy and pulling them into the dark place loaded with deficits, defaulted debts, and decay of capital. Let us not celebrate the USTBond rally. Instead, work to end it before the expanding spleen removes all the blood from the body economic. The organ serves as a reservoir, whose size must be contained. Unfortunately, important factors prevent the bond rally from doing anything but consuming the entire nation and confiscating its wealth.

.  .  .  

The analysts, mavens, anchors, asset managers, government advisors, central bank governors, ministers of finance, and otherwise Pied Pipers are incapable of detecting the warning signals. For those who find such a wide accusation to be off-base, consider that none of them found the  housing market to be a bubble, none found the mortgage market to be a bubble, and none of them anticipated a return to economic recession  .  .  .  Also, none seem capable of comprehension that the nation’s industrial base must return to US shores. None seem capable of comprehension that the nation’s biggest banks must be liquidated. Both are obvious pre-requisites for any recovery. The priority has changed once again from the summertime. The USGovt favors short-term stimulus, alongside long-term restraint, a total deception to continue. Stimulate the economy and deceive on future projections, which could not have been more incorrect in the past decade, a failing grade to economist forecasts.

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