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Wiser than all the academic Keynesian economists in Washington and elsewhere throughout this nation.

A Low-Budget Documentary on the Great Depression: Two Youths Entered This in a Contest.

Gary North 

Jan. 21, 2012

The Foundation for Economic Education ran a contest for students. The students had to produce a video review of a booklet on the Great Depression written by FEE’s president. This is a good way to get students to read the booklet. It is also a good way to get promotional videos.

The two were ages 15 and 21 (the narrator). The video was limited to 8 minutes. They used Apple’s Final Cut and Garage Band, plus Photoshop, Adobe Flash, and various free internet sources.

I have recommended that people produce videos. I devote a department to making screencasts for your own YouTube channel: But this goes way beyond screencasting.


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